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McLure Stands Against the Freedom From Religion Foundation

BIRMINGHAM, AL (Sept. 27, 2017) – Alabama Attorney General candidate Sam McLure called for solidarity with Lee County Board of Education officials and students after they were bullied by radical activist atheists into banning student-led prayer. The Board of Education was responding to a complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

“For decades, radical activist atheists have been running-a-muck … bringing destruction on the very foundations of our liberty. First, they took prayer out of the school day, then they advocated for the right to kill the unborn. Now, the lines are being drawn again in Lee County. They are coming after our youth once again by telling them they are no longer allowed to engage in student-led prayer before a football game.”

“As attorney general, Lord willing, I will speak out against such bullying in the name of religious intolerance. As Ben Carson stated, we must ‘resist this war on God, freedom of religion and freedom of speech.’ We must protect our students right to practice their religious freedoms. In the great state of Alabama, we value our students’ right to pray. We need to stand with the good people of Alabama in solidarity and fight the tyranny that intends to drive a wedge between us and our faith in God.”

“The people of Alabama need to know they have an Attorney General who will stand with them in opposition to overwhelming tyranny which seeks to snuff out the light of Christianity everywhere it shines,” McLure said. “These school officials, the good people of Alabama, need to be encouraged by the support of the attorney general. If the people of Alabama will hire me for this job, Lord wiling, I will do everything in my power to protect the rights of the people of Alabama to boldly shine the light of Christ into the darkness.”

For more information on Alabama Attorney General candidate Sam McLure, visit www.sammclure.com.

Heckled by Protesters

Heckled by Protesters

During today’s press conference in Tuscaloosa, Sam McLure, Republican candidate for Alabama Attorney General, stood strong as abortion advocates chanted throughout his speech.

Approximately 20 abortion protestors shouted throughout McLure’s press conference. At the beginning of the press conference, he acknowledged their right to assemble and protest. He did ask them to allow his press conference to go on and would give them a chance to speak, especially to the media. However, the protestors shouted throughout the press conference.

When asked if he was shocked about the protestors, McLure said no and he expects them. “No, I think I expect that. I think darkness does not relent easily. In the story the Hobbit when King [Thorin] goes to take his gold back from the dragon, Smaug doesn’t roll over and just let him take the gold. He breathes fire and destroys a city. That is what we are trying to do. We are trying to take the treasure back from the dragon, the ancient dragon. These children whose lives are ending before they take a breath. So, no it is not a shock.”

McLure chose Tuscaloosa for a press conference because every business day in Tuscaloosa, 13 babies are brutally murdered in Tuscaloosa at the abortion clinic. “It’s time for Tuscaloosa to Speak for the Weak.”

“The abortion issue is cut and dry,” McLure said. “At the same age that a child can be killed through abortion, a safer medical procedure can take place. A C-Section and that child be safely placed for adoption. If you are a child in the womb and you are look at a scalpel coming for you, what do you want your government to do for you? You want them to protect you and do everything in their power to save your life.

“Alabama is a great state, I love Alabama. But, the reality is we live in some of the most tremendous oppression and wickedness of mankind. Over 16 children, on average, lose their life every day through abortion in Alabama and the Attorney General’s office can and should eradicate legal abortion in Alabama. We are asking the people of Alabama to join with us to Speak for the Weak.

“One of the fundamental purposes of government is to protect the weak and promote productive industry. If the government is not being used to protect the weak, what’s it being used for, to enrich the elite? Alabama has to make a decision. We are at a crossroads. We are either going to continue to use the mechanisms of government to enrich the elite or we are going to use government to protect the weak.”

McLure officially announced his candidacy for Attorney General on Thursday, July 20. “In that initial press conference, we planted the seed for our vision that we plan to unpack over the next few months. And today we are more clearly articulating what we want to use the office of Attorney General to do on the issue of protecting children from murder before they even take their first breath.”

McLure first became involved in the pro-life movement when a friend introduced him to sidewalk counseling outside Reproductive Health Services in Montgomery. “This abortion clinic is just a few steps from the Alabama Governor’s mansion. Unfortunately, you just cannot unsee what you see when you are there.”

McLure founded and served with ministries such as Personhood Alabama, Proposal 16, and Sav-a-Life. McLure has also worked extensively in the Alabama Legislature promoting pro-life, traditional marriage, and foster care reform bills.

A video of the press conference is available on his Facebook page: Sam McLure for Attorney General. McLure is available for one-on-one interviews with members of the media. To schedule an interview, contact Tracy Goodwin, Press Secretary, at (334)430-6022.

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