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Tuscaloosa Press Conference

Tuscaloosa Press Conference

Sam McLure, Republican candidate for Alabama Attorney General, held a press conference Tuesday, August 1, in front of the Federal Court House on University Boulevard in Tuscaloosa.

Every business day 13 babies that are brutally murdered in Tuscaloosa at the abortion clinic. Forty percent of all abortions in the state of Alabama happen in the City of Tuscaloosa. “It’s time for Tuscaloosa to Speak for the Weak.”

“Over sixteen children lose their life every day in Alabama because of abortion,” said McLure. “That’s a terrible unfathomable injustice. We are murdering sixteen innocent children. If that was not enough, the burden many of the parents carry after abortion is devastating.”

“Currently, Alabama is giving quarter to a few wolves-in-sheep’s clothing that profit from encouraging parents to abort their children. That must stop,” explained McLure. “Alabama needs an Attorney General who will prosecute these abortionist to the fullest extent of the law. Period.”

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