On the Issues

Prosecute Abortionists Who Profit from Killing Children

Over sixteen children lose their life every day in Alabama because of abortion.  That’s an unfathomable injustice … and the effect on many parents is devastating.  Currently, Alabama is giving quarter to a few wolves-in-sheep’s clothing that profit from encouraging parents to abort their children.  That has to stop. Alabama needs an Attorney General who will prosecute these abortionist to the fullest extent of the law.

Justice for Abused and Neglected Children

Foster children in our state often get trapped in a crazy-dark cycle.  Alabama has over 4,500 foster children and almost 500 age-out of the system every year with no place to call home. That’s a problem.

Every DHR attorney is an Assistant Attorney General.  It’s paramount that our next Attorney General put his finger on that button and keep pushing it.  DHR must be adequately staffed with excellent attorneys to zealously advocate for these abused and neglected children.

Politico Greed Corruption

Alabama needs an Attorney General who will zealously pursue the roots of Politico-Greed Corruption.  Mike Hubbard, Oliver Robinson … in many ways these are just fruit from a poisonous tree.  The roots of this corruption lead to a few politico-power brokers who bribe and manipulate the mechanism of government for their own greedy ends … crushing the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Alabama.

Alabama stands at a crossroads where it will either wash away the filth of corruption, or continue to wallow in the mire. Our government will either be a swamp to enrich the elite or a sword to Speak for the Weak.

Criminal Justice Reform

We have a criminal justice system that doesn’t give the poor second chances like it does the upper-middle class.  In Alabama, that usually means minorities are getting the short end of the stick. That’s got to stop.

With icy-cold humility we must diagnose and embrace the fiasco that is our criminal justice system.  Alabama needs and Attorney General who will lead this state in looking our racist past squarely in the eyes, and with nerves of steel confront the vestiges of this evil in our government today.  In short, the mechanisms of government must be purged from the evil of dog-whistle politics.

Johnson’s failed “War on Poverty” and Nixon’s failed “War on Drugs” need to be retired to the annals of history.  Alabama’s needs an Attorney General who lead the State and Speak for the Weak.